Sunday, 15 August 2010

a desire to bake....

This morning I woke with a strong desire to bake cupcakes with a summery twist - and thus the following variations were born!

Lemon Zest and Rosewater Cupcakes
photographed on my homemade cake stand

Lavender Cream cupcakes

I shall follow up with the recipes (as I adapted them) in a post to follow, they are great little cakes for afternoon tea.... or just as an indulgent little treat!

In the meantime - I shall end with a picture of a thief as I caught him on camera about to strike!


Cupcake Couture said...

Oh I do love him! Look at that - so typical. The minute we turned out backs at my kitchen tea my mom's cat was in amongst the cupcakes! Cute, but naughty! The cupcakes look delish! x

Lucy said...

Oooh - your kitchen tea sounds nice, typical cats to go sniffing around the treats, they like to get involved when they aren't supposed to!

Saron said...

Oh this so made me laugh, you have a cat that steals cakes.
I have discovered I have a squirrel who steals garden gloves!!
He had buried the thing in the garden.

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