Thursday, 29 October 2009

Pretty and so easy to make!

I'm definately having a go at making some of these!

and if you can be bothered - then buy one!


I am in love with
these rings from Galerie Urbana on Etsy. I hope Father Christmas drops one off in my stocking ;-)

These are my favourites.....

Friday, 23 October 2009

Plastic Fantastic

From this..........

To this..........

Inside this bracelet is my old plastic bottle, and it was sooooo easy to make!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

A healthy breakfast is a happy breakfast

Here is the evidence to back that up!

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

What I wore on Monday

Inspired by the What Katie Wore blog (thanks for the link Nadia!) and by the Wingtipper's beeyooteeful illustrations here is my ode to them both........

Knitted Snood with pompoms (made by me on Saturday!)
Sweater by Uniqlo (embellished with studs around the neckline)
Grey sweatshirt skirt (made by me from some of my Shepherds Bush Fabric haul!)
Great Big Gold Ginorma-tote (made by me AGES ago, but my most beloved bag)
Leggings by Uniqlo
Slouchy Suede boots by Clarks

Grrrrr!! Cant make the pesky thing display properly or bigger, so for a proper close up click on the piccie.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Sweater Mitts

This weekend has been most productive in the crafts stakes - and my fave project of the weekend is these fingerless mitts.

The story behind these bad boys is that a couple of years ago i bought a beautiful fairisle wool jumper-dress from the charity shop back home, it was 2 tones of grey and HUGE, and so the perfect candidate for a felting - or so I thought!

Now you see the problem is that in the UK we do not have top loading washing machines, so when you decide to felt something you are pretty much chucking it in and crossing your fingers for a good result! Sadly this jumper went from a large adult size to child in 1 washing cycle :(

So - not one to ever throw things away I was sure I could make something of this felting disaster eventually, especially as the fairisle pattern was still so pretty, and until now nothing had presented itself as a suitable projects, until i had the idea to make some quick fingerless gloves!

Basically it was a case of wrapping each sleeve (cut from the body at the armholes and opened out) around my hand, with the cuff at the top, to see how it would fit, making sure to measure the depth of the thumbhole and then pinning it together to the contours of my hand (easier said than done!) then carefully removing my hand and drawing this line (on the wrong side) with chalk so i knew where to cut and then sew.

For the thumbs i just cut 2 rectangles wide enough to wrap around my thumb (making sure it was deep enough to allow movement) and stitched them to the area marked out for the thumbhole, right sides together.

Then I cut the bottom ribbing off another felted disaster (I'm still on a learning curve here!) and stitched it, right sides together, to the bottom of the glove.

Finally I stitched the whole thing together from top to bottom, and then trimmed the thumb piece down to the knuckle so I can move it and Bob's your uncle!

They can be worn alone or over gloves, I'm thinking leather!

Cracking week so far!

I have woken up in the most glorious of moods this morning, a rare thing for a Monday morning I can tell you!

The train to work was empty, so I got a good bit of knitting in, I made my breakfast (apples poached in cinnamon and honey with porridge and Greek yoghurt - highly recommended!) and it is a beautiful crisp Autumn day outside, plenty to be happy about!

So, imagine my further delight when I read a post about my blog on the Lovely Cupcake Couture blog by the gorgeous Nadia in South Africa (see her banner above, she makes and sells super pretty things for lovely ladies, and is herself a very talented young lady indeed!) it has made my day!

Here's to a lovely week for everyone!

Thursday, 15 October 2009

What happened to my newspaper?

I made it into a basket.

Strangely gratifying!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Matchbook / Notebook

Card + Paper + Guillotine + Stapler + Glue + Nice printed image = Matchbook notebooks!

(Perfect for your handbag shopping list needs!)

I made these as last minute gifts for my sister and her best friend because I'm meeting them for an impromptu dinner tonight :-)

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Reasons to be cheerful!

I am in a ridiculously great mood today, no particular reason - although I am very excited that Autumn seems to have finally arrived!

Here are a few reasons that I have to be cheerful today - Enjoy!

Beautiful colourful balloons

We like Jon

New and frankly amazingly comfortable shoes that make me feel like The Worst Witch.

Some random little Hama bead creations that someone left on the bus, and I adopted them.

Rainbow stack of felt

Monday, 5 October 2009

Etsy gift inspiration

So - in my bid to try and research my christmas gift making and buying earlier this year I have been looking for ideas on Etsy, and have found some beautiful pieces that I love and which are incredibly reasonably priced for handmade goods, they may even make their way into someone's christmas stocking this year!

Here are some of my favourites :

Stirling Wood combination ring $25, by Marriage of Metal

Vertically etched earrings $18, by Marriage of Metal

Antique Antler necklace $26.80 by Luxe Deluxe

For the baby in your life.....Crocheted teething ring rattle $15

For the little girl in your life.....Crocheted teddy bear $15

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Shepherds Bush fabric haul

I had an amazing trip to the Shepherds Bush fabric shops yesterday, got a bumper haul and have so many ideas for my Winter wardrobe!

Liberty Butterfly print silk georgette £10 per metre (rrp £40!! So pleased about this - i have been salivating over it for AGES)

Petrol Blue Needlecord £3 per metre

Washed silk satin £7 per metre

Black stretch Mesh £4 per metre

Sweatshirt jersey £5.50 per metre

Stripey Jersey £3.50 per metre

Shiny Black Jersey £3.50 per metre

Silver grey Brocade £4 per metre

Friday, 2 October 2009

Refashion Idea - Ruffle checked shirt

Mans XL Shirt from Charity shop + Scissors + Sewing machine = This ruffle shirt combo!

Oddly tempted to 'ruffle' one up ;-)

In my knitting queue....

Super Duper Bulky Blue Cowl - by Unraveling on Ravelry

My kind of Town Cowl by Trish Woodsen

Feather and Fan Comfort Shawl by Sarah Bradberry - this version is the Cosy Shawl by TMA on Ravelry

Wham Bam Thank You Lamb by Susan Chang on Ravelry

Thrummed Mittens by Jennifer L Appleby on Ravelry

I aim to complete these by November at least!

Hmmm.......any bets on this actually happening?!

Can a girl have too many Snoods?

My October Etsy love

My current Etsy cravings....... much inspiration to be had here!!

Cranberry Cozy by Yokoo

Three Ring Chain by Yokoo

The Minnie Bow by Yokoo

Tropicale Headband by Jennifer Loiselle

Charcoal, Cream and Black Cashmere Pom Pom headband by Jennifer Loiselle

Embroidered Geometryart Necklace by Spinthread

Pom Pom Neck Hugger by Spinthread

Pom Pom Pollies shoe clips by Shoe heaven