Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Crochet Hexagon cushion - finished.... (kind of)

This is the finished (front) of the Crochet Hexagon cushion that was inspired by the beautiful work of Lucy from Attic24, I will eventually get around to finishing the back as well, but for now I'm happy to curl it around another cushion on my sofa and pretend it is finished!


Lillabilly said...

Nice work. I love the colours you've used - they are just divine!

Lucy said...

Thank you Lillabilly! :)

Smallest Friend said...

I second Lillabilly abou the colors. So lovely and just perfect (I'm a sucker for pastels and dusty colors). I want one for my apartment!

nicole said...

oooh your hexies are gorgeous too!

sharondraws said...

Love it!

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