Friday, 29 January 2010

My glam assistant

Kindly modelling the new beanie for me :-)

Evolution of the green beanie

Although I didn't mind the construction of the original, I just felt it made me look a little bit 'egg-head' so last night I ripped it back and re-knitted it to have a bit more slouch and worked 'pin-wheel' decreases at the crown (my own terminology, it's not a technical term).

It turned out so much better than the previous version and in doing this I have created a new pattern for myself, or anyone else who might be interested in knitting a fast and cosy beanie style hat with a little slouch :-)

It's the first time I have knitted something without a pattern and I am so pleased at how it turned out!

I think I will be posting it up on here and Ravelry as a free pattern very soon!

Simple and striking

I love this, I found it via the Kingdom of Style blog, it is by a designer called Davide Bazzeria it is such a simple design but I just love it - brilliant.

Thursday, 28 January 2010


This cat is truly crazy about confined spaces.

Whilst I was on the telephone, he leapt onto the kitchen counter and into our veg delivery box and got busy cosying himself up to a giant celeriac, luckily this was the only veg left in the box by that point as I was nearly finished emptying it when the phone rang....

Teeny Greenie Beanie

Hmm, so this was not quite the anticipated design, my gauge was way off and I couldn't be bothered with the seed stitch upper so I knitted stocking stitch instead and worked out my own decreases for the top .... but it does the trick for today at least, I think this will be unraveled halfway tonight and re-knit to include another few rows and make it less like a skull-cap :)

However, I am pretty excited because it is the first time I have improvised away from a pattern and it actually worked! It is a pretty neat construction, and to be honest the only part that resembles the original Autumn pattern is the number of cast on stitches!

So I will be writing out my little improv pattern and posting it up on here when I have perfected it!

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

A hat in one night (is this possible?)

Hmm, can I make this hat in one night?

I hope so because my poor little head is so chilly in this frrrrrrreezing cold winter we are having in London!

This is a fantastic pattern which is very easy and perfect for a beginner-knitter, and even better is that the lady who designed this hat is donating half the proceeds to the Help for Haiti charity fund, so there is no reason not to buy this, it is $4.50, which works out at about £3 so it wont break the bank :)

Here is the link : Autumn Hat

On your marks, get set...........KNIT!!

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Other winter knitting

Here are some of the other knitting projects I have finished this Winter so far..... seem to be a lot of snoods......hmm, Snood and Beret obsession I think?!

The beret explosion....

I literally cannot stop making these, I made 5 during the Christmas holiday, and 4 more since, this is just a small selection.......

Requests welcome!

Monday, 18 January 2010

Flying through the sky

I took these pics of The Alps out of the window of the plane flying back from Milan, it was so beautiful, you could hardly tell the snow from the clouds in some places.......

The eyes have it.....

I love my weird kitty ♥

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Hipstamatic greatness!

My lovely friend Claudia introduced me to the greatest iPhone App EVER (in my humble opinion), it is called 'Hipstomatic' and it enables you to take photos with vintage effects on them and different frames etc. I LOVE IT.

Not only does it work brilliantly but the user interface is beautiful too, which makes it even more fun to use.
You can buy extra lenses, filters, film and flashes for 59p/99c per pack and they are all brilliant, it means that this offers so many different options for photographing things or people by changing the film, lense or flash each time to get an effect you desire.

The genius thing about this App is that it seems to make even the most boring of subjects look fantastic, I love the picture of the mint tea above and the wall tiles!

Here is a selection of my favourites that I took at dinner last night with my two lovely assistants :)

Friday, 8 January 2010


It has been snowing here in London for the last week or so, and where I live it has been hit pretty hard, there is so much impacted snow and ice on the roads that it is virtually impossible to get anywhere on foot or by car - annoyingly the trains are still running a very basic service so it means a battle to get to the station, then a battle to get on a train, and if successful, another battle to get home at the end of it! Grrrrr!!!!

Im just annoyed because I slipped over and bruised my bum - and lost a little dignity in the process :(