Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Beaded bracelet....

I have been seeing these leather and beaded bracelets everywhere at the moment and have been thinking about making some for myself and as gifts, and then yesterday I stumbled upon a fantastic tutorial by the lovely ladies at the Free Honey blog (*thank you*)!

I decided to whip one up with what I had to hand as an experiment and I am rather pleased with the result, and how easy it was - and it's a great way to show off some of my pretty vintage buttons.

I just used some Rowan Hand-knit cotton yarn instead of the leather this time as I thought it would go better with the beads I had, and some plain old blue cotton thread to attach the beads with that was conveniently the right colour, but next time I think I might use jewellery wire as it would be less fiddly for me to thread the beads onto and you wouldn't need a needle .

I will definitely be having a go at making the leather and silver beaded versions or the Amazonite gem version below - the bead shop in Kingly Court will have just the thing!

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Cupcake Couture said...

Really nice. Ooooh I miss that bead shop in Kingly. Enjoy making more. x

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