Tuesday, 30 June 2009

The Liberty skeleton project

A few months ago I decided to make a skeleton T-shirt that was weird in some way other than the obvious, I wanted to add details that clashed with expectation, and would appear differently when viewed up close.

My mum had recently given me her original 1970's Liberty Tana Lawn collection , some pieces were as big as a metre and some as small as tiny scraps, and I thought this project would be a great way to show off all of these beautiful prints in an original way.

So - I found a classic skeleton t-shirt that had been printed with a white design onto black jersey, and got some tracing paper and a pencil and carefully traced off each piece of the design, numbering each part as I went along and then cutting them out and organising into left, right and centre pieces.

Then I selected a different piece/pattern of Tana lawn for each pattern piece of the design, cut it out and then pinned it onto the corresponding place on the design.

I tacked them all in place with a needle and white thread so that they wouldnt shift about when I was sewing them to the t-shirt.

I decided to use a blanket stitch to attach the pieces to the t-shirt, in hindsight it would have made sense to either machine stitch close to the edge, or perhaps just use a running stitch because blanket stitch took me FOREVER, but I love the way it looks now anyway ;-)

Here are a few pics of the t-shirt in progress I will try and post some detail and finished shots soon.

PS - If you plan on doing something like this I recommend you try on the t-shirt first, just so you know it isn't skin-tight after you have spent hours sewing each piece on, and you cant wear it........ :S

Edible yarn

Here is a knitted doughnut that I made a few months ago, it was great fun to make but I grew tired after knitting 2, its a shame, I should make some more for my friend's children, they would make great toys!

Monday, 29 June 2009

Tapestry fascination.....


I have an urge to do something unusual to this tapestry, something colourful and unexpected.....

I found this in a bag of yarns that someone gave to me, it had been half finished by someone else so I love the idea of finishing it off completely differently

I hate the brown, and as it is I find it a bit naff so I want to snazz it up into something that clashes in a good way.

Garden appreciation


Appreciating my garden at just after 6pm, catching the last of the sun in my chair is something I am loving very much this summer, I LOVE having a garden :)


Just behind my head and all around me are these little beauties, I luckily managed to get the last of the light for this shot, so you can really see all of its beautiful colours.

Absence of leave.....

Bad girl.....

I have been away from blogging for some time, and have been 'encouraged' back into it by my wonderful assistant C, she has just started her own blog and keeps asking me when I will start writing mine again so she can have a look :)

Anyway, I need to update with more pictures because I am fully aware of how much more interesting it is to read a blog full of pretty images as well as amusing content, and I have been sewing like crazy over the last few months so would like to show off some of the fruits of my labours!

So - here are some pictures of my cat Murphy in his first photo-shoot of the summer, he was getting pretty angry with all the attention, and there were a couple of swipes aimed at the camera, but otherwise I think he's looking pretty regal despite his annoyance.



Just been overwhelmed by a wave of fresh inspiration by this lovely lady, also going by the name of Lucy, her use of colour and the sort of projects she makes are exactly my cup of tea, I have been meaning to make a Ripple Afghan for at least a year now and just haven’t got around to it, or have procrastinated over the amount of other projects I need to finish easy to avoid them but I cant get the new projects out of my mind!

So, as I finished off the cropped Shalom jacket/cardigan at the weekend I really hankered after another meaty project to sink my teeth and energy into and I think the ripple blanket may well be it, but I might start off with a quick and gratifying ripple cushion first, I have had 4 cushion pads begging to be covered for the last 4 months, and a drawer full of Rowan Hand Knit Cotton so it is high-time I got cracking with this for a nice blue and green ripple for the living room!