Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Avoca - The Mill

One of the highlights of my visit to Ireland was a trip to the Avoca mill in County Wicklow, it is a working handweaving mill built on the banks of the river Avoca, and also the site of a large store selling their beautiful woven and knitted goods and an outstanding cafe that was by far the culinary highlight of our trip to Ireland!

The Mill itself dates from 1723, and is said to be the oldest existing manufacturer in Ireland, and the old buildings on the site were beautifully whitewashed and set amongst some of the prettiest blue Hydrangeas and Rose bushes.

On the day we went the weather was alternating between bright warm sunshine and torrential downpours, but luckily I managed to snap some pictures in between showers :)

I loved the bright colours they use in their designs, and this is how they describe their company ethos....

" What unifies our approach is to try to avoid the average or ordinary. Instead, we look for colour and life and happiness, and seek out the unusual and beautiful. Our mission is to create joy and have fun. In fact we're selfish, choosing things firstly because we love them and then hoping we're not alone in our taste. "

These bundles of yarn looked amazing in their cubby holes - waiting to be spun into soft and snuggly scarves and bankets.

It was fascinating to see the weaving process going on firsthand, from how they set up the colours above, to watching the work of one of the handweavers growing before our very eyes!

For anyone travelling to southern Ireland for a holiday - I definitely recommend checking out the Avoca mill - even if you aren't interested in weaving the shop and cafe were amazing, and the selection of cakes was mouthwatering!

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Truly wonderful photos. The colours are so inspirational. Thank you for sharing!

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