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Thursday, 22 April 2010

Sorry Lovey.....

Heidi Bridget Coleman - Graphics Designer Extraordinaire.

Click on the link to view her fantastic work for Hawaii Design Agency.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Sharing my bed

He's a fluffy boy, but he's a good bed fellow - not too wriggly (but a little bit snorey)!

2 into 1

Jacket by Alexander Wang (Picture found via Outsapop) from Opening Ceremony

I love this jacket - brought to my attention by a post from the ever-brilliant Outi of Outsapop fame, I had never considered putting the 2 together, so this post is a perfect example of her inspiring vision and different way of seeing things.

I already have everything I would need to make this at home thanks to the genius of Uniqlo, I have a black cotton trench and a grey sweater that I have never worn and have realised that by hacking them together I could actually make 2 new garments from 1......... A trench coat with grey sweat sleeves, and a bomber / sweater jacket with black cotton sleeves, which would be very handy for spring/summer showers!

Plus - i already 'Wang'ed (studded) my own version of the bag in this picture which I have been sporting this week and am loving (post to follow).

Like. Want. Could make?!

AK Vintage - The planets are stilled earrings - $72 (found via

Rachel Comey - Agromonist Dress - $253 (found via

Rachel Comey - Farer's suit - $396 (found via

I'm pretty sure I could have a bash at making all of these myself, with a bit of existing pattern butchery and some sewing know-how I don't think these would be that difficult, and definitely way cheaper than the versions above - as lovely as they are.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Knitting Green Pouffes

Knitting Daily are holding a competition in homage to the book Knitting Green by Ann Budd.

So for this challenge I thought I would make a pouffe/foot stool from old jersey t-shirts with an XL crochet hook a la Pickles!

Here is a picture of their Puff Granny's Baby Pouffe from their lovely knitting blog :

Saturday, 17 April 2010

New shoes!

These were a superb vintage find amongst many others today and all for the bargain sum of £10, which means these almost new beauties cost around £1! I love them :-)

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Old School Satchel

I really want one of these from the Cambridge Satchel company - I have no idea why but maybe it appeals to my School girl side!

Childhood Cornwall

Illustration by Julia Rothman via DesignSponge

I just saw this post on Design Sponge about Cornwall - somewhere which has lovely childhood memories for me.

I spent all of my childhood holidays on Gyllynvase beach in Falmouth - my grandma had a beautiful old house which overlooked the beach and had a little pathway that went directly down to it - what is weird is that yesterday I was daydreaming about my childhood memories of rock-pooling and playing on that beach and then I saw this post! Spooky.....

Wonderful, it really made my day :-)

Its time to change

The mood to customise has hit me once again - I think this happens with the arrival of spring :-)

My intended victims are.......

A long tie-dye crinkley skirt which I bought from the Oxfam online shop for £8 which I plan to turn into a strapless dress with very little work, just pulling it up above the bust and wearing with a thick belt (inspired by the lovely Nadia from Cupcake Couture who I first saw sporting this look in London).

Then we have THE STUDS.

I can think of about a million things I want to stud with these bad-boys, a hooded top, a pair of jeans, a sweater, mainly though a number of old and tired leather bags that I no longer use (I unearthed a shocking number of these from my cupboards last night whilst looking for my missing favourite jeans, but that is another story......)

Then - something I have wanted to purchase for a very long time is some Pom Pom ribbon trim - this is from the Clothkits website and is the cheapest I have found at £3.50 a metre.
I was thinking of buying a few metres of the bright pink and turquoise and trimming some vintage silk scarves that I thrifted recently.

The latest list of desire

Retrofuturistic Lipstick by Lime Crime £14 - the perfect shade!

Square watch by Muji £29 - I have loved this for 3 years, its high time I had one.

Boots by Office £65 (on sale - how can I not buy these if they are reduced?!)

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

I love Pickles

Its official - this is my new favourite knitting website :)

The wool looks amazing and the patterns are free, so please support these lovely girls by buying their yarn!

Thursday, 1 April 2010