Thursday, 2 April 2009

Weekend sewing - things I have made recently!

I have been pretty busy with work recently so have let the blog go a bit......but i now have a couple of days off in which to craft my socks off :)

So - over the last week or so i have made the following items..... for my best friend Lara who is giving birth as i write this (so exciting!) I have made a little denim bib which is bound with a light chambray, and a baby kimono from Weekend sewing by Heather Ross - in Chambray with bright orange binding and ties.

I have also made myself a green clutch bag - which is based on a pattern from the latest Burda World of Fashion magazine, having a few problems with figuring out a suitable closure for it though, I dont want everything falling out!

The favourite thing I have made so far is a lovely shirred sundress which I downloaded from the Weekend blog by Heather Ross, the Mendocino Sundress.

I plan on making a few more of these as tops for the summer, they are so easy to make and look so pretty!

Photos to follow soon, the camera is out of action at the moment....

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