Saturday, 4 April 2009

Summer Wardbrobe challenge!

I recently bought a copy of Heather Ross's new book Weekend Sewing.

I love this book, the simple and beautiful designs which are also printed patterns at the back and front of the book, really appeal to my idea of comfort sewing side (ie - not having to think about the drafting myself - laaaaaazy!) and are so inspiring, easy to adapt to your own style and enable you to easily add your own design details.

Heather launched a Weekend Sewing design challenge just after the launch of the book, and although I missed the deadline, it really inspired me to set a challenge of my own to design a completely handmade summer holiday wardrobe!

So far I have made 2 shirring sundresses, one in White cotton with big blue polka dots, and one in Navy blue jersey and last night I made a pretty cotton poplin top which I adapted from a 1970's dress pattern to suit the style I had in mind, it actually turned out exactly as i wanted it to - pretty unusual because there is usually some alteration to be made :)

I hope to post up a design sheet like the ones that Heather gave as a template to illustrate my ideas and give me a goal to work to!

I will post piccies as soon as i get a chance to photograph my bits and as soon as it stops raining....grrrrr the british weather!

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