Saturday, 4 April 2009


I am up at a ridiculous time for a Saturday morning, 8am. Normally this would be ok but i was woken at 5.30 by my boyfriend and then by relentless miaowing and nose rubbing by the kitty at 7, and he was not giving up.

So I gave in and came downstairs because it seemed that the boyfriend and the kitty were working as a team to keep me awake!

Anyway, I switched on the TV to keep me company and there was a programme on about early musical instruments and the rise of the electric guitar (surprisingly interesting for a saturday AM!) and suddenly a rather strange high pitched sound was coming from the TV and the cat seemed oddly freaked out by it, turns out it was a weird musical instrument known as a Theramin.

It is an electrically charged machine that is controlled by interrupting waves with your hand and therefore creating the sound, which is reminicent of a spooky horror movie soundtrack, very low budget BBC horror circa 1970's!

Murph was totally rigid and seemingly entranced by it, I suppose he thought it was another cat!

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