Tuesday, 7 April 2009

The pillowcase that is also a night dress!

Yesterday at work I spent a vast portion of the day transported to the wonderful world of Anna Maria Horner and her creative endeavours, via her fantastic blog.

I was so delighted by all that I saw and read about that as soon as I got home I started making one of the projects on her blog, except with a twist...... the pattern that I chose to make was the Pillowcase dress, which I believe is actually meant for little girls, not big 30yr old girls like me!

It was a pretty huge pillowcase so it was perfect for its intended purpose - a nightdress!

I will try and take some piccies of it when I have a chance, it was way too tempting to wear it to bed last night, and it was super comfy!

Thanks to Anna Maria for the inspiration! :)

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