Monday, 21 March 2011

Maine Coons, Parakeets and Sunbathing foxes....

This is a little photo story of what happened in my garden on Saturday morning, a drama that unfolded in front of my eyes (OK, not that dramatic but it doesn't take much to entertain me)!


The brazen kitty!

Brazen Kitty : Murphy's girlfriend, actual name unknown, no collar - sometimes comes inside our house to eat Murph's food, very friendly, also a Mainecoon!

The brave parakeet!

A Brave Parakeet : A local resident, one of many living in my area and all over parts of London, Kent and Surrey.
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'Disney' Fox

The 'Disney' Fox : Brazen and likes digging holes in our garden, surprisingly healthy looking, also loves sunbathing on my neighbour's shed roof apparently.... nothing really to do with the story he just appeared at the end and I thought he was funny, a casual observer it seems!


Brazen Kitty likes to play in our garden, I like her, she's got guts - I think Murph likes her - she steals his food but she is very pretty....and she has almighty paws!

I hear a parakeet squawking in the garden, and I peer out of the window hoping that there is one in the tree, and for once there actually is and it is eating the cherry blossom (usually you just hear them and see them flocking overhead)! So I grab the camera and try and a get a clear shot of the bird, plus the weather is beautiful and the cherry tree is in full bloom so it cant hurt to record this lovely sight anyway...

I notice the Parakeet look down and see that Brazen kitty has jumped onto the roof of our shed, I say 'Hello' and she looks guilty/defiant, see above expression....

The parakeet looks more disconcerted and starts to climb higher in the tree and squawk angrily...

I realize this is because Brazen kitty has started to try and climb the tree in the hope of an exotic catch, I start to worry so tell her off in the hope she will stop, she just looks at me with contempt and wanders off, meanwhile the Parakeet has had enough and gives a final squawk before flying away!

Going, going....


Later on I heard the Parakeets outside again and noticed that there were 4 in the tree, all happily eating blossom until my neighbour's Chocolate Labrador 'Guinness' starts barking because Murphy is on the roof taunting him (a usual hobby of his) so they flew away again!

During the initial events, Murphy is asleep across most of my bed, totally unaware of the excitement unfolding outside, SO LAZY.

Human sized cat bed.



Cupcake Couture said...

What a lovely story! Lovely fox too!
I like Murphy's idea of reeelaxing! x

Anonymous said...

Cats amuse me to no end :)

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