Thursday, 10 March 2011

Baking and icing....

Amongst the many other wonderful birthday presents I received this year, the one that took me most by surprise was the present I received from my Dad, it was a set of beautiful icing flower cutters, but with plungers attached at the top, which means you can cut even the tiniest of flowers perfectly and pop them out with ease!

No sticking to the surface or the cutter, and the best part is if you press the flower onto your palm whilst depressing the plunger it gives you a lovely dimple in the middle which makes it perfect for placing a dragee (shiny edible bauble) in the middle, although they also look very pretty without.

Here is a cake that I made and decorated the other day, I covered the top with raspberries and lots of different sized icing flowers....

I think these would also look great on cupcakes or even cookies, and I have lots more ideas about how to use them, they are so simple to make but look so pretty and carefully crafted, a definite bonus in my opinion!

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