Saturday, 26 March 2011

Lush knot wrap design competition...

Today I found out that Lush Cosmetics are having a design competition that is right up my street....

They are offering you the chance to have one of your own designs printed up and sold in their shops as one of their clever 'knot wraps'.

Photo courtesy of Lush

Knot wraps are a concept that Lush introduced in 2009, they source and sell vintage scarfs to use as an ingenious eco-friendly gift wrap using the old Japanese art of Furoshiki, which is an origami like style of wrapping fabric to contain things - click HERE for the Wikipedia explanation of this art form.

What I love about this idea is that not only is it two gifts in one, but you are also helping reduce waste and saving the environment, what a brilliant idea!

My knot-wrap around my fave vintage bag (note how Murphy muscled in on the action when he realised I wasn't paying him any attention....)

I first came across this form of present wrapping on my birthday this year, when my wonderful friend Sally presented me with a little dumpling-like bundle of a gorgeous vintage locket wrapped inside a pretty vintage scarf, I thought this was a delightful way to wrap a present and the scarf is just as treasured as the pretty locket inside it, in fact I wrapped it around the strap of my favourite vintage bag and have received many admiring glances since....

I will definitely be entering this competition, its a win-win situation, it gives me a excuse to mess about on Illustrator (I don't need much encouragement) to have fun making a new design and to hone my skills with a view to possibly winning something at the end of it, and even if I don't I have an original design to brighten up my house with!

If you would like to find out more about this competition visit the Lush website or click HERE for the details and to download the template.... Good Luck!

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