Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Toasty neck....

I made this neck-warmer to keep my Dad nice and toasty during the winter months, he requested something that would be tighter than a snood but loose enough to be comfortable, so I found a nice 2x2 ribbed neckwarmer pattern through Ravelry which you can find here :

I changed it slightly so it was longer at the bottom part (extending to his chest rather than just the hollow of his neck) so that he could wear it with his favourite fleece which zips open at the neck, without there being a gap to let the breeze in!

Luckily he seems very happy with it and the only complaint is with the rather hairy yarn I used, Wendy Serenity, a lovely and soft Alpaca/wool/acrylic blend but can leave you looking a bit like you have been rolling around in the dog's basket!


raven said...

It really looks great on him!! Every time I come to your blog I'm always super impressed by your fabulous creations. So one question.....

Why don't you have a shop on Etsy!? :)


Lucy said...

Thanks Raven, that is such a lovely thing to say!

Watch this space.... ;-)

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