Tuesday, 18 January 2011

2011 inspiration.....Sewing

I can feel the sewing urge approaching again, and this year it's earlier than usual and competing with all the knitting I am doing and have queuing up....

My amazing sister gave me 'Built By Wendy Dresses' book for xmas, and there are so many projects I want to make already!

A big slouchy canvas tote bag to replace my XL gold tote of wonder which bit the dust a while ago, this one is by Built by Wendy and is very similar to what I would like to make.

A dress like this for my best friend's wedding....

Customising some existing items of clothing that need a little revamping....

I loved this idea from Cal Patch of Hodge Podge Farm, it looks like she uses crocheted doilies as templates to create bleached out prints on jersey which she makes into leggings, I think this would look good on a plain black t-shirt or washed out black jersey items like vests, old leggings and jeans too.... I plan to try this on one of my old black cardigans to give it a new lease of life and change up the buttons too.

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LAURA!!! said...

OOO I love that dress and the doilie print is amazing!!!! I am feeling very inspired thanks doll!!
ps- your "boss" looks just brutal ;)

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