Thursday, 14 October 2010

Tutorial : Basic T-shirt overhaul....

Recently I was asked to think on the spot about what I could do to update a plain old grey t-shirt, one that clearly had life left in it but little lasting appeal, and how to make it interesting again.

The following post is my answer, and although it is a very basic solution to a problem that many others would have come up with, it seems to work nonetheless (and i havent seen anyone else do it yet, if there are others out there then please forgive me) this is just meant to be a quick and easy fix, and I thought it would be worth posting up here to show what else I thought could also be added to it to give different looks.

So - here is the very basic tutorial :

Now you have the basic new shape you can do lots of other things to it to snazz it up a bit, like add some military buttons and epaulettes..... here's a little how-to I knocked up for that:

and here is a close up pic

So, there it is, no points for originality but it does answer the question that was put to me and I would find it more interesting to wear than the original, especially as the military theme is so current!


raven said...

This is so easy + chic!! seriously.must.try,this. - I'm so adoring the military trend this year too.

And I really really love how you presented the tutorial - clean, cute n simple to follow along to! extremely graphically pleasing ;)


Cupcake Couture said...

This so cool!
The layout is great and that frame!
Nice, Nice, Nice!

Lucy said...

Thank you for your lovely comments ladies, I may well try and do more tutorials from now on :-)

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