Thursday, 18 April 2013

My first ever Jelly Roll

This is my first ever Jelly Roll.  I finally gave in to the urge to make another quilt and this Amy Butler Soul Blossoms Jelly Roll was what tipped me over the edge...

It looks so perfect wrapped up like this that I am very tempted just to leave it as it is for a while, the colours are so beautiful together.

 My plan is to make it into a Jelly Roll Race quilt, a very fast and satisfying technique which involves stitching all the ends together to make one loooooong strip which you then proceed to put end to end and stitch along the right side until you reach the end then snip at the loop to make it into 1 long strip and it repeats as such until you end up with an entire quilt top, although obviously its a little more detailed than my basic description!

 This lovely quilt below is a fine example of the type of Jelly Roll Race quilt I hope to end up with, I like the blunt ends and randomised pattern selection.

This picture and quilt are by Kelly who writes the blog Run with Glitter

Here is the link to the tutorial I found that inspired me to make this quilt, kindly posted by Fromthenestdesigns on The Quilting Board foru.


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