Monday, 8 April 2013

Bursting with creativity!


Its been a while.

I just hadn't been feeling the creative urges like I used to and it seemed so hard to come up with ideas and projects, it was a weird feeling... but this Easter has seen a resurgence and I'm bursting with creativity again!

Here are some of my latest loves and creations:

Mainecoon cat ink stamps, an original and inspired gift from my friends Ali and Paul I cant leave them alone, its making me want to write letters and post parcels just so I can stamp cats all over!

Knitted Toadstool Rattle for my new nephew, from the ever wonderful Purl Bee blog can be found here.

Sashiko Embroidery - a brilliant tutorial by the Purl Bee can be found here.

I made a Pinata with my friend Lara for her Son's 4th birthday, it was ridiculously satisfying to make, I want to make more it weird to make one for your back garden? I dont care about the sweets inside, perhaps I should make another one and invite the local kids to destroy it?!

Homemade Ravioli, I made some of these with my Mum at Easter and they were so delicious I decided to whip up another batch this Saturday for lunch, and they were delicious :) I cant quite get over how easy they are to make, and it feels so good to eat something you made with your own two hands (although I felt like I did a major arm workout at the gym after all that rolling...I need to buy a pasta maker)!

iPad cover Make over,  inherited this iPad cover from a friend and I really didn't like the I decided to grab a marker and draw my own design on the front have no idea how satisfying it is to draw on something you shouldn' feels GOOD, its a work in progress at the moment, trying to decide how much more detail to put on....

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