Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Hipstamatic greatness!

My lovely friend Claudia introduced me to the greatest iPhone App EVER (in my humble opinion), it is called 'Hipstomatic' and it enables you to take photos with vintage effects on them and different frames etc. I LOVE IT.

Not only does it work brilliantly but the user interface is beautiful too, which makes it even more fun to use.
You can buy extra lenses, filters, film and flashes for 59p/99c per pack and they are all brilliant, it means that this offers so many different options for photographing things or people by changing the film, lense or flash each time to get an effect you desire.

The genius thing about this App is that it seems to make even the most boring of subjects look fantastic, I love the picture of the mint tea above and the wall tiles!

Here is a selection of my favourites that I took at dinner last night with my two lovely assistants :)

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Cupcake Couture said...

How cool! Ah miss you gals!

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