Monday, 23 November 2009


I have in my possession a Print Gocco PG10-Super screen printing machine.

It is quite simply ruddy amazing.

I am obsessed.

Here is one of its brothers - keep your eyes peeled for the fruits of our labours coming soon!


Cupcake Couture said...

Sounds wondrous! Can't wait to see!

el jeffe said...

hea lucy i want one of these!!
at the moment im screen printing using
embroidary hoops as screens..
but this looks suitably gadgety to warrent
as a xmas gift from my loved ones to myself :)
ebay? trip to japan?

Lucy said...

El Jeffe, DO IT DO IT!!!
Get yer arse onto Ebay or and snap one up quick smart! Not cheap to be sure but well worth the invest.
Ive also found the suppliers of the supplies if you need extra advice.
They dont make them anymore hence the price-tag but have a super cult following and after one go I am hooked!
I suggest you look for a PG10-Super like mine or a PG11, both have the ability to register your prints, handy for more than one colour.
Let me know if you need more details, im quite the expert now ;-)

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