Monday, 23 November 2009

Adventures in Gocco - Part 1

My first foray into Print Gocco.

The Gocco printer is meant to be my xmas present from my beloved ones, but of course I had to make sure it was working before surrendering it to the cupboard for another month ;-)

Two colour print xmas card design - got 60 of these out of one inking on the screen, could have got at least 80-100 if I hadn't run out of card stock, so satisfying and shockingly easy!

I just drew a design onto a postcard sized piece of paper with a carbon pen (came with the set but easy to find elsewhere - mine has seen better days sadly, hence the chunky lines!), exposed the screen, inked it and away I went, like child's play!


el jeffe said...

YES YES YES!!! well festive!

i added you 'caus you commented on one of my bloggy things.. YOURS! ?
are you aquainted with said fellows?

do you know the rather wonderful recycling/art/knitting/mark pawson outlet on broadway market?

Lucy said...

I must confess I am indeed aquainted with YOURS and was directed to said blog by the ever mysterious Dommamu Duchamp if you catch my drift?

I do not know of the Mark Pawson outlet - this sounds like something I need to get in my life, I am on the case!

Get in touch if you require more Gocco guidance, Im like a dog with a bone on that currently!

Cupcake Couture said...

Looks so cool...well done.

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