Tuesday, 20 October 2009

What I wore on Monday

Inspired by the What Katie Wore blog (thanks for the link Nadia!) and by the Wingtipper's beeyooteeful illustrations here is my ode to them both........

Knitted Snood with pompoms (made by me on Saturday!)
Sweater by Uniqlo (embellished with studs around the neckline)
Grey sweatshirt skirt (made by me from some of my Shepherds Bush Fabric haul!)
Great Big Gold Ginorma-tote (made by me AGES ago, but my most beloved bag)
Leggings by Uniqlo
Slouchy Suede boots by Clarks

Grrrrr!! Cant make the pesky thing display properly or bigger, so for a proper close up click on the piccie.


Cupcake Couture said...

So cute and clever!

Karin said...

Ah, I love that idea! Super-cute, and nice use of textures!

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