Tuesday, 30 June 2009

The Liberty skeleton project

A few months ago I decided to make a skeleton T-shirt that was weird in some way other than the obvious, I wanted to add details that clashed with expectation, and would appear differently when viewed up close.

My mum had recently given me her original 1970's Liberty Tana Lawn collection , some pieces were as big as a metre and some as small as tiny scraps, and I thought this project would be a great way to show off all of these beautiful prints in an original way.

So - I found a classic skeleton t-shirt that had been printed with a white design onto black jersey, and got some tracing paper and a pencil and carefully traced off each piece of the design, numbering each part as I went along and then cutting them out and organising into left, right and centre pieces.

Then I selected a different piece/pattern of Tana lawn for each pattern piece of the design, cut it out and then pinned it onto the corresponding place on the design.

I tacked them all in place with a needle and white thread so that they wouldnt shift about when I was sewing them to the t-shirt.

I decided to use a blanket stitch to attach the pieces to the t-shirt, in hindsight it would have made sense to either machine stitch close to the edge, or perhaps just use a running stitch because blanket stitch took me FOREVER, but I love the way it looks now anyway ;-)

Here are a few pics of the t-shirt in progress I will try and post some detail and finished shots soon.

PS - If you plan on doing something like this I recommend you try on the t-shirt first, just so you know it isn't skin-tight after you have spent hours sewing each piece on, and you cant wear it........ :S

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