Monday, 29 June 2009

Absence of leave.....

Bad girl.....

I have been away from blogging for some time, and have been 'encouraged' back into it by my wonderful assistant C, she has just started her own blog and keeps asking me when I will start writing mine again so she can have a look :)

Anyway, I need to update with more pictures because I am fully aware of how much more interesting it is to read a blog full of pretty images as well as amusing content, and I have been sewing like crazy over the last few months so would like to show off some of the fruits of my labours!

So - here are some pictures of my cat Murphy in his first photo-shoot of the summer, he was getting pretty angry with all the attention, and there were a couple of swipes aimed at the camera, but otherwise I think he's looking pretty regal despite his annoyance.



Just been overwhelmed by a wave of fresh inspiration by this lovely lady, also going by the name of Lucy, her use of colour and the sort of projects she makes are exactly my cup of tea, I have been meaning to make a Ripple Afghan for at least a year now and just haven’t got around to it, or have procrastinated over the amount of other projects I need to finish easy to avoid them but I cant get the new projects out of my mind!

So, as I finished off the cropped Shalom jacket/cardigan at the weekend I really hankered after another meaty project to sink my teeth and energy into and I think the ripple blanket may well be it, but I might start off with a quick and gratifying ripple cushion first, I have had 4 cushion pads begging to be covered for the last 4 months, and a drawer full of Rowan Hand Knit Cotton so it is high-time I got cracking with this for a nice blue and green ripple for the living room!

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