Thursday, 4 November 2010

Lava necklace....

A while ago I wrote THIS post about The Ultimate DIY contest, and my proposed entry into it....

Now - obviously I did not organize myself well enough to actually send my entry in, but I did make it and have worn it several times since, so thought I might as well show the final product to justify my efforts!

Its amazing what you can do with an extra long shoe-lace, some seed beads and a needle and thread!


LAURA!!! said...

That is awesome! I totally want to wear that today!

Queenly Things said...

That is pretty awesome. Check out the Whip Up blog today. This method would make a pretty amazing headwrap

carlyjcais said...

Awwww, Lucy! I so wish you would have sent in your necklace! You did such a beautiful job with it, and your inspirational photos are amazing!! Hopefully I'll be able to have the competition again this summer, so perhaps you can enter then?

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog - grey rules!! And super-long zippers I've found are soooooo useful for so many things;-)


Saron said...

Lulu, brilliant idea.
loving the blog.

Cupcake Couture said...

Such talent!
Really amazing! x

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