Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Ribbons Galore

Well, £20 worth anyway (argh!!! Mini heart attack!) of beautiful ribbons from the famous ribbon shop VV Rouleaux in Sloane Square!

Christmas ribbon, present ribbon, Velvet Ribbon, sequins, Ric-Rac and even 'just for the hell of it' ribbon - you name it, they have got it.

I had to steer myself away from the pom-pom ribbon in bright pink - it was far too frivolous for a Wednesday lunchtime!


Cupcake Couture said...

Lucky girl!

Anonymous said...

I love ribbons! And I would have advised you to get the bright pink! Never to frivolous! ;)

Lucy said...

I can now see a great number of things trimmed with pink Pompom ribbon...... oh the possibilities!

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