Thursday, 6 August 2009


I don't know what has come over me, but I seem to have been
struck down with a shoe fetish!

All of a sudden all I can see is shoes - boots - sandals, you name it, I
want it.

Here are my faves from today (!) I'm having to sit on my credit card to
avoid maxing it out.


These platforms could well be this autumn's version my patent beauties, at £70 they are not cheap but with the amount of wear I have had from the current pair for the same price they are a veritable bargain :)

Not usually a brogue fan but I'm beginning to realise that practicality and a smart appearance could well be very appealing as an occasional stand in for the obligatory platforms.....

Dr Martens

The Gia

LOVE these - and they are only £35 (inc P+P), I they would look amazing with
some skinny jeans and a colourful t-shirt, scarf combo.

In fact - I think they might look good with most of my current wardrobe.

The Darcie

Ok - I would never normally like a shoe / boot that looks like this, its way
too clumpy and severe and frankly ugly - but for some reason I am in love
with it and verging on obsessed.

What makes it worse is that it is only £70 and you just know it will be
incredibly comfy, and if you buy direct from their website at the moment
there is a special 10% discount and free delivery for orders over £50, which
means it is only £63.

Oh yes, and on the (amazing) Opening Ceremony website where I found them,
which is in the U.S they are $200, I have just done the currency conversion
on that and it means that they are still £118, which is even more reason to
'Buy British' if you live in the UK - deal-a-rama!

With those incentives you'd be mad not to.

Now I demand a payment from DM's for my great promotional justification!

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