Monday, 16 March 2009

The amazing 24 hour quilt!

Yes, that is correct, I made my first patchwork quilt in under 24 hours.


I thought that it would take me at least a week to cut, piece and sew everything together, ok - so I cheated a little and used a machine, and was really going at it like the clappers, but it would have taken me a year if I was going to sew it together by hand, and I'm all about the speedy results.


My favourite thing about this quilt is that it is made from several different fabrics that evoke fond memories for me, the first, third and fifth fabrics above are Liberty of London Tana Lawn cotton which was given to me for my birthday by my lovely friend Saron, the fourth fabric is my favourite - this is from the duvet cover that my granny used to put on my bed when we went to stay with her as children and it is so soft due to being washed so many times. I also used one of my boyfriend's shirts which is too small for him now for some of the panels, I liked it too much to give it away and thought it would be nice to encorporate it into my quilt.

I cut 30 13"x 3" strips of each of my 5 fabrics, to construct 30 squares, this made a quilt big enough to sit on top of our double bed, and is also the right size for snuggling under on the sofa.


I have to say that I am really rather pleased with the finished product, the design was inspired by Amy Butler's Mid Mod quilt, but I decided to carry the middle section over the whole quilt and used a large edge-binding to finish it off. I backed the top piece with a white sheet and then thick fleece blanket and finally finished it off with candy striped linen sheeting.

Finally I hand stitched the binding on which took me a couple of hours and was surprisingly therapeutic! Now I just need to figure out which type of quilting stitch to use to add texture to this quilt, I think i will give it a month or so before attempting this, it will no doubt take me a little longer than 24 hours!

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